This is EASILY the best fighting game EVER made. EVER

User Rating: 10 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 GEN
I bet as soon as you read my title you were a bit skeptical unless you have already played this game. I have played Numerous fighting games such as the bloody roar series, street fighter series, wrestling games, many tekken games, eternal champions ETC. the list could go on for hours. but anyways back to the review, this game was released 11 years ago and still remains to be the most complete fighting game in the series. Hence the name "Ultimate" . Its has 26 fighters to choose from, essentially all of their moves with the exeptions of combos and special moves are the same, making it easy to pick up. each character has his or her own story as to why their kicking ass in the first place, but really nobody cares much. Each character has 2 fatalites (gory finishing moves), 1 animality (they turn into beasty things and **** the other player up, I watched a dude get ripped to shreds by a bunny) 1 Brutality (Super 100 hit combos that are sweet ways to show that you own) 1 babality (they turn their oppenent into a baby) and 1 Friendship (in which they do somthing funny to spare the other persons life) also at the end of each fight you can grant the other player mercy, giving them a tiny bit of life to continue the fight. also there are stage fatalites, where liek it sounds, the player uses the arena to kill their foe (knocking someone in front of a train is always fun). Now about the actual fighting, if your used to old fighters like myself your probbaly thinking slow paced fights (street fighter...ugh) but this game has a run button and when you punch IT ACCTUALLY HAPPENS WITHOUT DELAY (street fighter....ugh) making combos sweet and fun to pull off. ok lets see what else, oh you can play as the bosses of the game which is always sweet. and there is many numerous game modes (2on2, tournament, etc) and many codes to enter in which it will alter the fight (every 3 seconds u magically turn into a new character, telekenisis mode, 1 last word, if you plan on getting this game for ALOT of fun, dont get it for xbox 360, N64, SNES, ONLY GO WITH GENESIS BECAUSE IT HAS THE BEST CONTROLLERS FOR IT (6 button ones) AND THE SETTINGS ARE MAXED (way better then the snes version)

So in my conclusion, this game ****ing kicks ass!!!

100 out of 100