King of Review is back in the MK Universe!

User Rating: 7.5 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 X360
Mk Baby, one of the biggest names in fighting franchise history. Where to start all you MK maniacs. Dont dare try to do a fatality to me cause I will show you no mercy and will retaliate with a animality ha ha ha.

Okay down to business with the pros, positives for those of u that dont know what acronyms mean. There is a huge amount of playable characters for this xbox live download with totals 23 characters witch is obviously more then the new Dragon Ball Z dissapointment limit. Dont cry now people I love dbz and was probably watching it before you were born anyways so hell in all actuality I was watching it before the series was even aired.

Anyways this game is full of secrets and the biggest and best thing about this game is the online multiplayer is utterly superb and offers fair competition and it is as addicting as sex. Also this has a huge varitey of finishing moves with each and every character that are all equally as hillrious as the next.

Some negative include the fact that ten year old boys will still talk a lot of trash questioning your sexuality like in halo online, however u will also find that they will not and will never have a real life girlfriend. Another thing is the difficulty on this game on arcade mode is just ridiculous. Even if you play it on easy the damn thing makes you want to throw your xbox off of a ledge then scream cause you realized what you did. So you jump and try to follow it, then again dont all fighting games make you feel this way.

The biggest negative to this game is the controls more often then not will not respond in time to the movement of your acutal button speed. Therefor resulting in shao khan laughing at you and saying that was pathetic. Other then that this game is solid, and lives up to the name with enhanced high definition graphics that have been added to our viewing pleasure.