Great classic any mortal kombat fan would love.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 X360
This game is the port of the classic mortal kombat game from the arcades.This game has alot of charaters to choses from and all the charaters have diffrent moves and fatalities.This game has four modes arcade mode,Toutament mode,and verses mode.There are diffrent levels in the arcade mode the higher the level the more people you have to fight and the hareder it is.The game can sometimes get to hard when you get to a certain part its like the the charater know what you are about to do.This do hurt the game but its still fun.There are three unlockable charaters they all are hard to get once find them you will have to fight them and they are hard.The sound sounds like it was in the arcade.The graphics look like the acrade version.If you liked the arcade version then you would love this port to the xbox360.