Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is the same as you remember, for better or for worse.

User Rating: 8 | Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 X360
This game brings back everything you remember but does nothing new to keep your attention for long. The graphics are great and the battle system is just like the old games but the roster is even better! Sadly, there are more interesting characters on the Capcom side than Marvel. :( They have a friggin' talking FOX for Marvel while they could've had someone better like.....I dunno.....Blackheart?! Or Omega Red?!! Seriously, if you see the thing-it looks like a total joke! Another complaint is also the story mode. Capcom replaces the old cut-out cinemas with American-drawn, uninteresting comic strips. These are the character endings and they're all 15 seconds long.

Then there's a Marvel-ish comic book in the game that reminds you how terrible the storyline is, I'd rather see 3D cinemas than that. Capcom, we're NOT in the stone age anymore! Stop being lazy! The music is fun but it has only made up jingles for the heroes and those jingles just sound like something out of Mega Man X. The music on Capcom don't get much better either...REMIXES. But outside of that we get to the fighting, there's ARCADE , VS, Online,(never tried it.), MISSION(alot worse than MK's Challenge Tower by the way.) and TRAINING, that's it. The special moves are easy to do though, that's a good start and it's alot easy to pull off combos and all that noise. That's actually funny because I saw some kid on a Game megazine winning 2d place on some competition for MvC3. They called him a guru, at first I thought; he must be good but when I played the game-I realize how easy it is and suddenly his achievement is the least bit impressing.

You also start off with everything unlocked in UMvC3 which is cool at first but that makes story mode useless and just knowing that doesn't give the game much replay value. I still play it but it's really not much to go gaga over. It feels more like a prototype and for those who buy the 1st version of these Capcom titles are fools because everyone knows that Capcom ALWAYS makes a super version of everything that's why I decided to wait.