Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom review

User Rating: 7.5 | Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 PS3
Marvel? Huge hit! Capcom? Even bigger hit!. It was one of the smartest ideas in gaming history to mix these company's Capcom and Marvel. Too bad it didn't impress me and since it's in the name a comic company made this I was surprised to see this game's result. They made a amazing game but half of me is saying that this games mechanics are decent but they label the move something like corner,left,right,A. Now a doesn't mean like a on the xbox it means a as in like circle for ps3 or Y on xbox and that makes the game soo much harder to play just tell me the button and there is no corner button do what games just say circle or y . It bugs me maybe its just me anyway but since its a small pet peeve so i'll let it slide. This game is amazing with the design and the flashing lights and I love games like this so I won't say any thing bad and that's it for this review

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