Iron Fist OTG find

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For anyone who uses Iron Fist this will be a huge boon to your gameplay. Messing around in the lab today I found out that his ax kick OTG can still OTG even if the ground bounce has already been used. For example, if you use Akuma (which I was in training) and you do a combo that uses the demon flip kick OTG (which is a ground bounce), relaunch, then team aerial combo into Iron Fist (Even if you go down, which also consumes the ground bounce, this still works) then land. Do the QCB m for the ax kick then IMMEDIATELY do the Fists of Fury, it does connect, even though he is supposed to flip out. I'm not sure why this is, but what it essentially means is Iron Fist will ALWAYS have an OTG, no matter what.


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So he is broken for having unlimited OTG's?

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Ground bounces have no limit if done properly and have the proper assists. Dante using a Sent assist is the perfect example.