Better than its predecessors. More tactical, more strategic. The game manual is terrible. You'll have to study.....

User Rating: 8.5 | UFO: Afterlight PC
THE GOOD I found the devs have solved most of the problems related to previous titles of the serie. The strategic and tactical phases are well balanced with a lot of micromanaging (i like it very much) and a lot of different missions (less repetitive than UFO AM and UFO AS). TACTICAL: (difficulty level: medium) enemies AI is average. They don't act too much stupidly and tend to be dangerous just to assure you'll need to play with some brain. STRATEGIC: research tree well implemented. A lot of things to do. Good acting voice from your assistants. The choice to use only e few characters for technical/scientific operations is good. I found the graphic not so amazing but the cartoon effect is funny after you have played for some time and been used to it.
Music is ok, with some theme really good and some other a few repetitive.

The manual is useless!!!! You'll have to study and discover things while playing. This could be a little frustrating at the beginning (first time I opened the base management interface I was tempted to uninstall the game....). For example, no explanation about how's calculated the resource level related to number of mines owned (see the forum to discover it).The diplomatic tree could be implemented better. Some minor graphic problem in strategic missions. The map rotation and management sometime go crazy (but I don't know if it depends by my pc or by the game).
Finding your tech vehicle around Mars is sometime difficult.

It's that kind of game you know when you start to play with, but not when you'll finish (....ooops 3 am! I need to sleep. Ok just another game-day to discover new technology...)
If you work and have a social life... you risk to compromise them: this game is too much addictive.....