Hated it at first, loved it after a while.

User Rating: 7.5 | UFO: Afterlight PC
The game has many great features but also many problems. It's different from Aftermath in many ways, mostely good. But the problems makes the score below Aftermath.

The Good:

* Good mix of tactical missions, researtch, production and strategy around the planet.
* Good storyline
* Cool species, good twist with different races.
* Difficult maps - more variety then Aftermath (even if the same maps keep on popping up).
* Music is suiting (but maybe a bit repetitive).
* Funny comments from the different characters (could be more comments i guess).
* Difficulty not linear to progress. Sometimes it's much harder then other times.
* Nice enviromental elements.
* A lot of different ways to go ahead with researtch (which can ruin your game totally if you make to many wrong decisions).
* Many different parts of the game to take care of at the same time.
* Good control with the pause/play function in both planetary and tactical view.
* Good audio acting.
* Hard AI in tactical missions.

The bad:

* Small font, hard to read.
* Autozoom that makes you CRAZY!!!
* no renaming the heroes
* Graphical problems in start of the game - need to use other EXE file to make resolution work.
* Bad turtorial which you cannot skip.
* Bugg when going on missions sometimes - the squad wont go even if all criteria matches.
* To easy in the end.
* A little dull ending
* Boring movies - could be much more action and feeling in them. and they are to few!
* Mindcontrol against you in singleplayer...gahg
* Hard to understand how to reach sertain goals - as to get more energy in the base and sutch.
* Could not break treaty.
* Bugging lategame sometimes.
* Cannot ALT+TAB
* Bugg in inventory in missions.

But still, when it comes down to it all, the game is STILL WORTH PLAYING!! Great fun!