Reminds me a lot of the X-Com series. Feels a lot like Apocalypse.

User Rating: 8.5 | UFO: Afterlight PC
The pluses.. you have a strategy side which includes securing resources, researching new technologies, and producing equipment, along with training the members of your team. You also have the tactical side which includes squad based combat and gearing your people properly.

After a while, it does tend to boil down to just finishing the game, but you can spend many hours just enjoying it before too much repetition sets in.

The bad.. after a while, the battles become the only thing you can do, and even though you have different missions to accomplish, and several maps to utilize to keep it from being the same old battle, it does wear thin.

The voice overs are a nice touch, and you do get attached to characters a little, however there are a few you just wish would man up and stop whining. They also have a not too detailed history to each one, which makes for a fun read.

There is a lot of customization to the the characters when it comes to skills, where you will use them, how you train them, etc..

Having picked this up off of Steam during there summer blow out sale, I can say, I do not feel like I wasted my money on this game. Even 3 years after it was released.