finally 'old-school' again!

User Rating: 8.5 | UFO: Afterlight PC
well i'm very late with this review ... the reason: i never thought to see the day again where a new(er) edition of the x-com series could compete with the classic 'ufo: enemy unknown'. a turn-based game in a 3-d environment -love it or hate it- with full strategical and tactical decisions ... it's simply all there.

now expect a horrible introduction, sloppy controls and camera angles, graphics which are only 'reasonable' and recycled martian scenery but if you can get over that you'll find... a world of challenge when it comes to decision making and content gaming.

you'll find yourself in a tight spot on the strategic front as an surviving colony on mars ... the earth was overrun (or rather 'terraformed'?) and you're faced with a new enemy who has something to do with ... mars and one after another a few other factions turn up ... old enemies can be your new allies but it's all in your hands really and you won't know where it'll end.
this also results in an enormous replay value ... change your decisions and see what happens during your next play.

as good as the strategic front is ... the tactical missions can be a bit repetitive in their sceneries and overall tactics (once you figure them out that is) but the tactical micro situation is never completely the same and one wrong step might just kill off your rambo soldier in the squad ... nope he won't come back.

the general pace sucks you in ... one of those games where you better check the clock once in a while. in general you'll have always something else to keep you occupied, some wacko gear to mess around with ... or maybe you better did not do that because a single slip along the line can be unforgiving when you don't concentrate on key points... that's why i'm going to restart for the 3rth time now on the 'normal' setting lol.

in ufo enemy unknown there was more room to fool around and some more pleasant tactical options which were faster available... here you'll really have to make more choices in research, training and production so maybe a bit too heavy on that side but all in all ufo: afterlight makes a very solid (patched) game, high in the x-com league.