Mars is a bleak desolete planet that looks the same. Making a home there will not be easy.

User Rating: 9 | UFO: Afterlight PC
Okay finally got the game after the first disks were made wrong and told to take it back to the store. Yes, I know there is on-line gaming stores but here I am on Mars. You have to wear spacesuits and they are not well suited for the environment. Also the Martians (whereever they went to) left robot guards there and they attack as well as defend. The Reticulans helped you to set up the homebase as well as theirs. But now besides the limited resources on Mars you have some kind of new aliens trying to take over the planet using quantum gates. You will have to do research, gain resources, make equipment and you do not have all the previous research from your old home - planet Earth. So the episode begins and the home base has to be built up and geological probes done to gather infomation and learn about Mars. You only have a limited time, as more colonist came with your team but in suspended hiberation. Hopefully you will be able to succeed before time is up. But then Mars is a bleak desolate place and all you can hope to do is learn enough and live long enough to terraform the planet and make it through. You have limited contact with Earth and limited supplies and additional help that may arrive, but the distance to Mars is not the same as going to the Moon. This is your mission and this is your goal, save Humanity from dying out as a spacealien species in a insignificant speck of a planet in a star system on the outer arms of the galaxy.

The game works well with the 1.6 patch and after some other games lately, the music is superb and the play value is fun, well, as much fun as you can have making a new home on planet Mars. The game works similiar to the other two UFO games by Altar and has levels in strategic battles and destruction of other aliens' who wish to stake their own claim to Mars. You will not need money, but you will need resources and adapt yourselves to Mars hoping to make a green life-bearing planet soon, someday - Mars time.
Good luck