Addictive but a lot of clunky tactical grind.

User Rating: 6 | UFO: Afterlight PC
Firstly I've not played a strategy game for a number of years (Dune 2 was my last), so in the first few hours it felt overloaded. Secondly I'm not finished yet – so I hope the pay-off at the end is generous, I've stuck in a few hours and have under a third of the planet to concur.

Other reviewers write that this game doesn't live up to predecessors – I have no knowledge of those, so initially was happy with the game-play and interface – in fact I thought it was really fun and engaging. I only really got to grips with the game through a pointer to the Wiki-site which give a great overview of the game – without that I'd have been struggling to build things quickly outside the home-base for sometime (thanks to those whose put that together and helped me).

I soon preferred the strategy side, rather than the tactics side, and this is mainly due to the hideous camera angles in the tactics game and repetitive nature of wiping the same creatures out, picking up an item/creature, or blowing the same thing up. I do like the idea of tactics and if missions were more varied, and the scenery and maps more varied also, it would make the game truly enjoyable right until the end. As it is, it's quite a struggle to keep total engagement in the tactics side. The armour/weapons upgrades, levelling up and learning new skills help, but once you've chosen your set-up and blasted through 50 missions, it's quite grinding play in the wee hours of the morning.

Saying that I'm not one to take a break from gaming once stuck in – so if you're compelled to complete a game, then like me, you'll get there.

Reading other reviews, I don't know where this style of game can go, what's the next big thing, or has there already been the best?