Is there a way to transfer a CAF into career without having to remake him?

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  Greetings.  I apologize if this has been asked and answered already; however, I could not find the answer from searching (guess I'm late to the party).  In UFC 2010, the player can copy and load their CAF in Career Mode without having to start him from scratch(I'm just talking about physically, not stats) at the beginning of a new career.

   I assumed (my mistake there huh?) that this could be done in Undisputed 3, so I went to CAF first, spent a long time tweaking my fighter to look how I wanted him to look, and then started Career.  To my dismay and complete frustration, it asked me to create another fighter after all that time I JUST spent doing so, and I could not find a way to copy and load my CAF into career.  Is this not possible?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  

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Yes there is, I found I had the same problem but just tried every possible angle until I found a way. You go to 'load career' on the career menu, then 'CAF mode CAF' and the character you created in CAF should be there. Everything is the same, apart from your CAF's skills, which have been reset (as in UFC 2010). Hope this helps!
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Oh wow; it did work! Thank you for the info! I wonder why they made it so difficult to do (I mean, it's not once you know, but I don't think it explains how to do it anywhere in the game).