UFC - A game that is "true to the sport"

User Rating: 10 | UFC Undisputed 2009 PS3
People have watched UFC on the telly, and thought, a wonder what it would be like if they invented a game on that. No one can be seen saying this now, with this fantastic, true to the sport MMA game.

This game is designed to match and look like the real show, and is incredibly close to it. Movements, disciplines and so on are exactly the same as TV. You have the all famous ref's such as Steve Mazagatti and the unforgetable 'Octagon' announcer and master of Ceremonies Bruce Buffer.

You have over 80 fighters and legends to play as, and also a brilliant Career and create a fighter modes. In career mode, you play the role as a created fighter, whom you made, and battle your way through the ranks to reach and become the ultimate champion of UFC 2009. The octagon awaits you and your skills, so go on, and remember that once you enter the octagon, there is no turning back.