avoid this trash!

User Rating: 1.5 | UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System WII
I saw UFC personal trainer for 20 euro's and i took a gamble and bought it. i practice a lot of sports and it might be a nice motivating workout at home. Turns out, it isnt't. The biggest problem is that the game doesn't notice your movements most of the time. A problem i don't have with Wii fit. As you are doing these push-ups and other moves there's this computer animated trainer looking at you and giving tips and stuff, but he himself is just standing there. So there you are; you're giving it your best, but the Wii doesn't notice and you are being put down by a computer animated trainer who isn't doing anything but looking down on you. Within 5 minutes you'll be ready to assault your tv. Maybe that was what they we're going for.
The game has some high-production value cutscenes with some tips & tricks, but it's hardly worth looking at once.