The Top level European football and......thats it.

User Rating: 7.5 | UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 X360
UEFA Champions League from EA is more like a FIFA of last year except with some minor tweak to gameplay and some extra presentation to match the European nights of Football.

1: Gameplay- A Marginal improvement (more of a tweak) than FIFA 07, it uses the new FIFA 07 engine, its a bit more improved than FIFA 07 game, the passes are a bit more organic and some spectacular goals come by in more regular intervals than FIFA 07 (its UEFA CL, players want to perform right?), but PRO EVO still holds cup in this category. The biggest difference is the card system. Which you can get on the course of the game to changes prior to the match, like a card that can red card an opposition key player, which keep things interesting. Also u can exchange the cards online through Live!

2: Graphics- It is best in a football game to date, the stadiums, crowds and "most players" look very detailed with believable ball movements. But the graphics is more or less the same as FIFA 07.

3: Sounds- UEFA CL has definitely have a huge advantage over FIFA in this department. The commentaries are very good, and with less repetition, then again, most of them are recycled from FIFA 07. The crowd chants, the orchestral UEFA CL music creates the atmosphere of the top most level of club football.

4: Value: The main story mode (Treble), lasts not more than 6 hrs, after that, the game is mostly FIFA 07 without a huge number of other clubs, stadiums, international teams- so the value is not that good. This game should be priced around 25$, no way 60$!.

UEFA CL is a slight update to FIFA 07 of last year, so if u a hardcore soccer fan and CL is ur fav competition, u cant go wrong with CL.

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