Tyrian 2000 Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Mode

    Experimental PQZ Ship: techno
    TX Silvercloud Ship: unknown
    Stormwind - The Elemental Ship: stormwind
    Ninja Star Ship: stealth
    Foodship Nine ship: weird
    Dragon ship: lizard
    Captured U-fighter: enemy
    Pretzel Pete Truck ship: pretzel
    Nort-Ship Z: nortshipz
    Destruct mini-game(Press F1 during Mini-game for controls): destruct
    Super Tyrian mode on Lord of the Game difficulty: engage
    Super Tyrian mode on Suicide difficulty: Hold [Scroll Lock]then type engage

    Contributed by: prohacker 

  2. Wild Detail

    In the setup screen, put the cursor on Detail and press Shift+W this will enable the Wild Detail.

    Contributed by: Commander Sanjuro 

  3. Codes for Super Tyrian mode:

    Caution: Possible spoiler-It may be more fun to figure these out yourself.


    L,U,D,R,Fire------Laser Head attatchment
    L,UR,D,R,Fire-----6-Direction Fireball Head attatchment
    U,R,D,Fire--------Indigo Proton Head attatchment
    D,R,U,Fire--------Blue Dual Sidekick
    R,D,L,U,Fire------Red Mono Sidekick

    Not permanent-*Requires Armor #Requires Shield

    D,Fire------------#Convert Shield to Armor
    L,R,D,Fire--------*Mini-Guided Bombs
    U,D,Fire----------*Hotdog Spread
    D,U,Fire----------#Freeze Spread
    U/L/R,Fire---------Lightning Bolt
    U,L/R,Fire---------Diagonal Lightning Bolt
    Hold Fire,
    Rapidly press

    There are others we know of, but don't have the specific codes yet.

    Contributed by: garrett0615 

  4. Change the Music in Mid-Game!

    Press Backspace and Scroll lock at the same time in the middle of the level to change to a random song.

    Contributed by: Iam Canadian 

  5. Invincibility

    In the middle of a level, press F2, F3 and F5 at the same time to activate invincibility. You'll know it worked if the WARNING messages appear and the message ''Cheaters always prosper'' appears on the bottom of the screen.

    Contributed by: Iam Canadian 

  6. Laptop VGA Mode

    Set the game to Wild difficulty from Setup, then, in a level, press left when detail level is highlighted to get Laptop VGA mode.

    Contributed by: Iam Canadian 

  7. Two Player Mode Super Sidekicks

    If player two picks up two or more sidekicks of the same type in a row they will get something else instead.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    2 x Charge Cannons 2 Companion Ship Gerunds
    2 x Mini Missiles 2 Companion Ship Gerunds
    2 x Atom Bombs 2 Companion Ship Warflys
    2 x MicroBombs 2 Flamethrowers
    2 x Single Shot Options 2 Mint-O-Ships
    3 x Single Shot Options 2 Satellite Marlos
    2 x Vulcan Shot Options 2 Side Ships
    2 x Dual Shot Options 2 Tropical Cherry Companions
    3 x MegaMissiles BattleShip-Class Firebomb
    3 x Mini Missiles Companion Ship Gerund + Wallop Beam
    3 x Atom Bombs Companion Ship Warfly + Beno Proton System -B-
    3 x MicroBombs MicroSol Frontblaster II + Microbomb
    3 x Post-It Mines Mint-O Ship + Post-It Mine
    2 x Post-It Mines Mint-O-Ship + Post-It Mine
    3 x Vulcan Shot Option Proton Cannon Indigo + Mint-O-Ship
    3 x Dual Shot Options Tropical Cherry Companion + MicroSol FrontBlaster
    2 x MegaMissiles Tropical Cherry Companion + Mint-O-Ship
    3 x Charge Cannons Zica SuperCharger

    Contributed by: Skye7707 

  8. Misc. Codes

    Type one of these codes to unlock the effect.

    Effect Effect
    Press shift + G on the difficulty selection screen. Alternate Impossible Mode
    After enabling Impossible and Suicide modes put the cursor on either of them on the difficulty selection screen and press L+O+R+D simultaneously. Alternate Lord Of The Game Mode
    After enabling Impossible mode on the difficulty selection screen press shift + ]. Alternate Suicide Mode
    Type ENGAGE at the main menu. Cheat codes and command line parameters are disabled Alternate Super Tyrian Mode
    Hold down, Fire, Fire Armour Repair
    Right, Left, Down, Hold up, Fire Atomic Bombs
    Left, Right, Down, Hold right, Fire BattleShip-Class Firebomb
    Right, Down, Left, Hold up, Fire Companion Ship Warfly
    Up, Hold left, Fire Diagonal Left Lightning Shot
    Up, Hold right, Fire Diagonal Right Lightning Shot
    Hold up, Fire Forward Lightning Shot
    Down, Right, Hold up, Fire Gerund Companion Ship
    Left, Right, Hold down, Fire Guided Bomb Cluster
    Mine Spray Hold fire, Right, Down, Left, Release all, Up
    Up, Hold down, Fire HotDog Blast
    Down, Hold up, Fire Ice Blast
    Up, Left, Hold down, Fire Invunerability
    Hold left, Fire Left Lightning Shot
    Left, Up, Down, Hold right, Fire MicroSol FrontBlaster II
    Left, Hold fire, Down, Right, Up Post-It Blast
    Up, Right, Hold down, Fire Proton Canon Indigo
    Left, Up, Right, Left, Right, Hold left, Fire Proton Canon Tangerine
    Up, Hold fire, Left, Down Proton Field
    Hold fire, Left, Right Repulsor
    Hold right, Fire Right Lightning Shot

    Contributed by: Skye7707 

  9. Command Line Parameters

    To use these codes go to your Tyrian directory in a DOS prompt and type "file0001" followed by one of these parameters.

    Effect Effect
    NOROBERT Alternate method of selecting items in the upgrade menu.
    DEATH Constant death mode. Your ship explodes when you enter a level but it keeps scrolling until the end. For testing purposes.
    NOJOY Disables joystick detection.
    NOSOUND Disables sound effects, but not music.
    YESXMAS Enables christmas mode in 2.01 only. A lot of the ships and weapons have their graphics changed to a christmas theme.
    ULTRAMID Fixes problems with GUS MIDI.
    MAXVOL Force Tyrian or SETUP to set the card's main volume to maximum if it is able to instead of reading the current value.
    FLICKER Forces Tyrian not to wait for a retrace (enabled by default if Windows is detected).
    NOKEY Forces Tyrian to send keys to the BIOS just in case some other device driver needs input. It still uses the keyboard input driver, though.
    LOOT(SQUARE) Instead of typing (SQUARE) hold down alt and type 254 on the numeric keypad and a square will appear. This will start your games with 1 million credit
    CONSTANT Makes your ship fire continuously while sweeping from side to side. Press C to toggle invincibility. For testing purposes.
    BORDER Network border mode (apparently useless).
    RECORD Records every level played and saves the last one to DEMOREC.? (? being a number in sequential order of the demo being recorded).
    MAXJOY Sets joystick sensitivity to maximum.
    WEAKJOY Supposedly forces Tyrian to average the signals coming from the joystick.
    VOLUME Supposedly works like MAXVOL.
    JUKEBOX Type "setup.exe JUKEBOX" instead of "file0001.exe JUKEBOX" to use this one. Goes straight to setup.exe's jukebox, hitting escape exits to DOS.

    Contributed by: Skye7707 

  10. Hidden Difficulty Levels

    Enter the following at the difficulty selection screen:

    Effect Effect
    Shift + G Unlock Impossible difficulty
    L + O + R + D Unlock Lord of the Game difficulty
    Shift + } Unlock Suicide difficulty

    Contributed by: DagothUrReturns 

  11. Level Warp

    Enter the following during gameplay:

    Effect Effect
    F2 + F6 + F7 Warp to next level

    Contributed by: DagothUrReturns 

  12. Bonus Games

    You can unlock bonus games by completing some levels.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Assassin at the end of episode 1 Zinglon's Ale
    Complete Nose Drip at the end of episode 4 Zinglon's Squadrons

    Contributed by: Skye7707 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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In-Depth FAQs Equipment Guide by sidriley 7K