Ty 2 improves over the original by keeping similar gameplay but implementing it in a better way.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue PS2
The original Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was a pretty cool mission based Banjo Kazooie like platformer with levels which offered missions and mini games and exploration. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue uses a similar style of gameplay but greatly improves it and makes it feel considerably different to the original.

The story is set some time after Cass was sent to Prison and the game begins with a break out. Cass then sets up his own country so he can have "Diplomatic Immunity" so he can cause trouble in Southern Rivers and be above the law so long as he is on Cassopolis Business. Ty and friends figure that this is just a disguise of a more synester plot and so the adventure begins to figure out his true motives whilst helping the locals of the outback through the newly set up "Bush Rescue" squad.

The game play is a mission based exploration game. You are assigned a set of missions in the world of Southern Rivers and you can complete them in any order you wish. You travel around the world by car and drive to mission spots. There are a large variety of missions. These include flying in a helicopter to transport dynamite away to a disposal area, transporting goods within the time limit, clearing up traffic wreckage, clearing the sewers of crocs. In addion to mini game based missions, there are also platform based missions which include trecking through a forest, a volcano, dinosaur themed world and a blazing oil rig.

Ty retains his abilities from the original game, the biting, swimming and throwing the boomerangs. You can purchase new boomerangs at the Rang shop in Buramudgee. Boomerangs include the Flamerang which can melt ice, Frostyrang which can freeze enemies and create stepping stones of ice in water, the Smasharang can destory metal crates, the lasherang can be used to swing from hooks. Later on in the game, you can purchase upgrades for the Rangs at Sly's Shack in the outback. Upgraded rangs are more versitlile and are the only way to take out the "Uber Frills" you will encounter later on in the game. Upgraded rangs include the Multirang, Lavarang, Thunderang, Kaboomerang. Most of the boomerangs are just there for the novelty though really, the only ones you need to get to complete the game are the Frostyrang which is needed in two missions or so and an upgraded rang to take out the Uber Frills.

In addition to Rangs, Ty now has some new toys. The Bunyip Machines. You need to purchase their keys from Buramugee before you can use them. There are five in total, all of which are different. The Battle bunyip is a brawling mech. The Thermo-extreme Bunyip can shoot ice cold water to extinguish fires and can swim in lava. The Lifter Bunyip can lift and throw heavy objects. The Sub Bunyip is used for underwater exploration (and plays the same as the helicopter) and I won't spoil the fifth one.

The problem I had with the original game has been adressed and fixed here. Basically I felt some of the levels were just too big and it was very easy to miss a small spot with some needed collectables. This issue has been resolved here as A) The game, while still large, is much more linear B) There is a map at the bottom of the screen and C) Ty moves faster so if you do get lost, it doesn't take as long to track back to a familiure place.

The graphics are nice, the environments are create looking and the textures are crisp and really create the feeling of the wide scorching hot outback. Though there are some odd "pop up" (I think that's the name) moments where flora will pop out the ground when you get closer to it and dissappear totally when you are furthur away. The music is great to listen to. The tracks feature nice calming peices and more energetic techno beats. A great OST!

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2 keeps a similar gameplay style from the original, but adds to it and tweaks it enough to make it feel like a fresh experience. The game is fun to play and is worth playing a few times. I really reccommend this game for younger players actually (when I say younger players I really mean anyone aged between 6 - 12), the big wide world should keep them entertained for a while. Even older players should be able to get a kick out of it with it's variety, humerous moments and just general charm. Its a shame the third one was never released in Europe... Ah well

- Milesprower2K9 Original Reviews