Ty 2 is a very addicting game but with some dumb bush rescue missions makes this be not as good as the first.

User Rating: 8.3 | Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue PS2
I played the first Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and liked it very much. I heard about a sequel and awaited. I played it... and liked it a lot. But however, there are some dull missions and you have to go threw them to see the good stuff about this game.

Graphics- Very nice. An improvement over the first... or maybe it's because I got the PS2 version (referring to my review for the first. Gamecube usually does have better graphics than the PS2 though). Anyway the visuals look really great. The gamecube version's graphics are even an improvement from the first Ty on GC! Very nice. Areas are well detailed and are less simple... until you see some poorly designed missions from Bush rescue.

Gameplay- Great but not as great as the first. Of course they're are some good stuff in the game (like the opening level that's design and gameplay made a cool opening to the game) but however they're can be some lame and dull missions. The missions where you use those god-damn bunyips. Of course the fighting bunyips are cool. Like the Shadow Bunyip but however the sub bunyip, the helicopter stuff and some other lame bunyips are just stupid. The sub bunyip missions are boring, lame, and frustrating. The helicopter missions are dull. The good spots are great like where you go to a level where you get to see your rang in action. The gameplay would have got an 8... if the sub bunyip and the helicopter weren't in the game. The fighting bunyips are cool. Especially the Shadow Bunyip. The combat training stuff is pretty cool. And the game's is more realistic than the first for the open worlds. In the first you only go threw portals and the open world design was good but somewhat simple. In tis, you get to buy rangs which I found... being really cool. You could ride on a car (being drove by Shazza). And enter some great places. You could also kill enemies even when you're not in a level which was somewhat cool. Anyway, there's also a multiplayer where you and friends or family could go racing against each other in kart racing. That was pretty cool.

Sound- The voice acting and music has dramatically improved than the first.

OVERALL- A very good game but has some shortcomings. People want to see some rang action... not some bland underwater missions or some dull helicopters doing lame stuff! But still a great game.