pretty good game

User Rating: 7.3 | Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue XBOX
Although this game is aimed at younger children aspects and sections are frustrating and may not unfold to juvennile players. In ways it's better than it's pressceder and in other ways it's not. The title bush rescue is the name of company which a frog Dennis manages owns etc. you'll find yourself constantly running errins for them. The game is layed out in a GTA style where you run, or drive around a quite big map mostly based in the Australian outback you will be given around 3 missions all marked on a sub map in different colours once finished all the missions you get a series of new ones varying from delivering sunscreen to the beach, piloting helicopters tagging crocs etc. You'll be collecting opals which are hidden in crates, rewarded for killing goons and sometimes just lying around. These opals are used to buy things like new rangs which come in a collection of normal rang, lash-o-ran, flame rang, ice rang, mega rang, kaboom a rang, infarang etc. You can also buy keys to mech suits which come in a series of four, battle bunyip, thermo bunyip, sub bunyip, and lifter bunyips. You will also encouter sub quests, First person gun turrets and even the odd lizard trying to destroy you on a motor bike. You will also enter cart races for extra money ( it feels alot like crash team racing and mario cart) this is also a whole multiplayer mode which you can access from the menu. The graphics are very clean although sometimes thats there downfall. The gameplays ok although in parts the camera angles will annoy you, the AI is pretty hopeless but you shouldn't notice as you will fight so many you won't really concentrate on that matter, the sound is in general good with some great Ozzy slang and annoying music constantly playing, the sound effects are great though. If you can get this game cheap it's worth it but if you're under 12 you probably should ignore. If you're a fan of the series you should just go and buy it.