Your eyes will bleed the first few seconds you stare at the game. know how horses suck in obilivion ride these ones hell

User Rating: 2.5 | Two Worlds X360
This game was way over looked to be a good game, i am a calm reviewer but i cannot stand on how they could make a game like this, anyways to the pros!


Scale of game: Imagine oblivion, but with nothing to do, the world in two worlds, is preety big but being in a big place, means good graphics, and they really didnt finish the graphics to this game anyways, You can pick up and make potions, magic, skills etc a nice touch.


Graphics: The agony, oh hell the agony, have you ever seen one of those youtube video were the quality is so horrible you cant even make out the faces, imagine two worlds like this with some preety bad voice acting, it looks like you dont belong when you jump, it looks like runescape (a decent game better then this game!) read the back of the game case (Realistic!) and etc, the wolves looked like they had been stung by the biggest freaking bee or are alergic to most things,the blood looks way to cartoonish, the lag oh god the lag constantly you lag with a load, and even when you walk it lags.

Gameplay: hack....slash....bow...bam....poof, okay, you could play a old might and magic game and call it heaven compared to this, just hack, slash magic, and bow i would think they could have at least, diffrent classes that you can be like classified "so yea i am the bowarriorician a "warrior" "magician" "bow man"

the game is broken and pointless...anyways at the end of each review i have a new rating system sort of like game informer

Concept: stirp away all of spidermans high flying slings and make him punch him self for eight hours

Graphics:look at a nintendo ds game...there ya go

Sound: as i said terrible voice and if your not laughing at the terrible gameplay then listen to the wailes they call sound.

Replay value: throw it away

and adventure is hidden deep beaneath this game some where...all under the lag...some people see it i say throw this game ur 60$