Despite some noticable flaws in the storyline. gameplay, and graphics it is still fun to explore such a huge world.

User Rating: 7 | Two Worlds PC
When I first played Two Worlds as a demo on my friend's hard-drive I thought it was an older title, hovering somewhere around 2005 because of the choppy graphics, somewhat awkward controls, and sub-par dialogue. However I found out later that it was a fairly recent game and I might as well give it a try. Now I own it on the Xbox 360 and originally found the game world a little strange for an RPG buff like me because of the lack of back-story or integration of memorable characters. Aside from some other technical issues the game seemed to come together more and more as I played.

The first thing that my friends always say about Two Worlds is the terrible dialogue and voice acting, and I have to agree with them on that subject. The scripts for the characters was the lesser of two evils, aside from the bits of Ye Olde English that were thrown in at strange times but really it was the less then amateur reading of said scripts that bothered me. It sounded like random people from the office just began saying them for Sh**s and giggles and the staff just went with it, also it is not terribly uncommon for a person who you just talked to five seconds ago to have a completely different voice and say totally different dialogue. The people themselves though are a bit flawed as well as it is common to see multiple people in a large city with all of the same names, appearance, and house- (or lack thereof) yes, apparently ownership of property in that world is a bit wonky because random people have a habit of storming into an equally random house, taking a seat for a few moments and then leaving, I think the creators were trying to get something akin to Oblivion's NPC schedules but fell a bit short.

On to storyline, what little there is of course. Despite the small background information about a dark god's gambit to conquer Antaloor (the game world) with his orc servants and his eventual fall the game focuses little on this promising back-story. Instead your character, which has very few physical customization options, is on a quest to save his sister from a shadowy organization that plans to bring the dark god back to life. After a bit of running around you are tasked with the largest quest in the game, gathering four different parts of an ancient relic from around the world. I felt as though this was nothing more than a large side quest, just something to make a mental note of as you roam around. After that though the rest of the story ends quickly with hundreds of unanswered questions and anti-climactic areas such as the Orcish capital city or the fact that you never get to see the king of the humans that everybody seems to hate so much.

The saving aspect of this game though is the game world that your character exists in, as said before the faceless people in the city can be a bit awkward but smaller woodland camps or towns are a joy to explore and do small quests for. To really top it off though because of the terribly generic behavior of all characters once I finish all of the available quests in an area I mostly go on a massive killing spree, loot everybody, steal all of their possessions and go on my merry way. On that note, city/town massacres are great fun as there is often little resistance in your way and it is always fun to strike down a crowd of people with a huge lightning bolt and the corpses of the people can perform some pretty odd things, such as no-clipping into a barrel, having a small spasm attack, then freeze in place with nothing but their head showing. This tends to give me a feeling of accomplishment when I can say, "Yes, it was I who crushed that man so brutally he crumpled himself up into a fleshy wad." The weapons and armour graphics are also very nice as well and the environments can be very well detailed when viewed at a distance but become less impressive when you really look close at them.

I know that I did not touch up on the horse controls, factions, or alchemy but then again if you have read anything about Two Worlds before this it should already be somewhat common knowledge.

Frayed nerves and broken bones do not a weak man make.