Two Worlds becomes your world.

User Rating: 9 | Two Worlds PC
I am mostly a first-person shooter type of player, but this game has changed my genre preference. I got the game by accident when it was shipped to me by mistake from an Ebay purchase. I thought ... well, I really did not like Dungeon Siege much, but I'll give this a try. It's free.

Boy was I surprised. This game is so addictive that I have a hard time stopping to do my work, and I know better to start it before my work is done because the work part won't happen.

The game seemed very difficult at first, and you are practically defenseless. But you need to start picking up skill points by killing wolves and other critters. Even that is hard at first, but if you stack your character wtih the right attributes, you can become the baddest guy in "two worlds." That is the challenge. If you do it right, you will be roaming at will and clearing the world of baddies.

One of the things I love the most is riding around the huge world on my horse (I love my horse) and discovering all the hidden locations. This is where you pick up money, and power, and fighting ability. You can also get very strong running all the mercenary errands you find in the cities and fromj people along the way. Horse riding is difficult at first, but gets easier if you assign "skill points" to it.

I've read this game is not as good as Oblivion, and, if that is true, I will be in trouble if I start playing that one. Do you think they'll let me play it in the court wating room when my divorce comes up?

I highly recommend this game for chess player types and deep thinkers who love to organize their characters, build strength and power and ... get lost for the weekend.