Beautiful, Ambitious but Shallow. Got bored with it after about 12hours.

User Rating: 5 | Two Worlds PC
I had good feelings about this game when i recently started playing it. After some massive patching, i loaded up game, all was smooth as silk and fast.

Opening story was... bit mysterious and unclear but I wasnt bothered about that. Game play seemed quite good and detailed when i opened inventory and saw the concept of armor sets.

Graphics are really good. Game runs smoothly at 1280x1024 with 4xAA and 16xAF and highest details. My only complain is that there are FAR TOO FEW character models.. Entered my first big town and was shocked that streets were full of clones of basically 3-4 peoples. Even the names are similar sometimes.

Sound is also good. Music is generally pleasing. Voice acting is quite unique and i have to give credit, fully unique spoken dialog is something to appreciate.

Things started going wrong as i realized a few things.

1: Targeting system is really broken. Finding and targeting a certain npc in a crowded village is near impossible at first try.

2: 80% of npc are copies of each other.

3: About 65% of world area is non essential to gameplay. You can go explore it, but all u will get are a few herbs (which by then will prolly be just cluttering your inventory too much) or a few wolves to kill.

[Game breaking deal] 4: There is no confirmation before doing illegal things. And unintentionally doing the wrong thing is so easy.

Let me explain: You target a door by walking close to it. You open it by pressing SPACEBAR. If its locked, u press SPACEBAR to LOCKPICK. Which is illegal and guards will see you and fine u 30000 gold or kill u if u dont pay.
First few times this happened i was bit angry, after that i got sick of it and uninstalled the game.

I'm giving this game 5/10 for the sake of audio visual experience alone. Gameplay deserves no more than 3.