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User Rating: 7.5 | Two Worlds II PC
The game that I would compare this one to is the Gothic games. And I don't mean the awful fourth installment. I mean the first games in the series.

There is a lot to do in Two Worlds 2, from playing flute or violin to raiding dungeons in search for treasure. No doubt this game is one of the best RPGs that came out recently. You will probably not like the game if the only RPG game you like is Baldurs Gate because you can feel the influence of consoles on the all aspects of the game. It is most visible on the inventory screen. For a PC game the inventory is just terrible. The icons seem to take up half the screen and getting rid of items which clutter your inventory may take a long time because to "dismantle" an item you have to right click on it, select an option from a drop-down menu and finally click "YES" on a popup window. It might not seem an important matter but tbh if you have to dismantle 100 items, it becomes very tedious very quickly. I don't know, it might be me and the fact that I have never owned a console ;).

There are a few new and very good elements introduced in Two Worlds 2. There is a quite interesting crafting system. As painfully simple as it is, it brings in a diversity into the gameplay. To upgrade a piece of equipment (for example a sword) you have to "dismantle" a few items that are made of steel in order to be able to do this. Another interesting addition is sailing. It's a shame there's little you can use it for as most islands are accessible via teleports.

Melee combat is well done and sword fights look really realistic. Animations of characters are very well done. Magic system is a game in itself. You can create your own spells using a quite clever card system. However, the two classes Archer and Thief feel sort of undercooked. Playing as an Archer the game aims for you even if a mob is moving and you know you have to shoot ahead of the mob to hit it, you won't be able because you are not allowed to aim in this game. Oo This, I suppose, is another influence of the consoles on games.

One thing that could have been done a bit better are dialogues but overall the world is huge and the amount of quests is vast. You will not get bored in this game. There are three of four different environments ranging from a desert to oriental. There is also a very good variety of monsters you get to fight.

All in all I enjoyed every minute of the game. It is hard to get bored in this game. If you enjoyed games like Gothic, Oblivion or Divinity 2 you will most likely enjoy Two Worlds 2.