Good Single player, great PVP modes and excellent co op campaign!

User Rating: 9 | Two Worlds II X360
Graphics: 8 / 10

The graphics have definitely improved since the last game, equipment looks great, the environments look great also. However the character animations like running could have been improved.

Sound: 9 / 10

Great music and voice acting is now superb. The combat sounds are also good but could be slightly better.

Controls: 9 / 10

Controls are what you'd expect from a third person RPG however i kept pressing back for map and x for inventory. Dont know why but i wish they were reversed.

Gameplay: 10 / 10


Great campaign, difficult boss battles and great item variation. Horses are garbage. Missions are varied and some are humerous.

Multi-player PVP

I disliked this out of all the modes, no because of the mode itself but because of a player, he was level one but all his gear and been max upgraded by someone else or by his own other character. He was one hitting me even though i was level 7. I realised why i didnt really like competitive games and moved on to co op.


This was the main reason why i imported this game, i love co-op and loved the first two worlds adventure mode however two worlds 2 has a campaign and its great. First time in and some random guy joined. we ended up having a blast trying to fight the guards and just mucking around together. Im looking forward to finding new people to play with. The armor and weapon models are great too so no matter what you can look cool online.

Replay value, longevity:

Single-player : Around 30 hours

Multi-player PVP : Average gamer: 10 minutes. Hardcore competitor: Unlimited.

Co-op: Average playthrough: 7 hours. Someone who digs dungeon crawler rpgs: Unlimited.

Overall rating: 9 / 10