A great and surprising game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Two Worlds: Epic Edition PC
Two Worlds Epic Version, patched to 1.7b is a great and surprising game !!!

To be honest - I did not expect too much from this game since the non-flattering score at gamespot, but luckily I learned not to rely too much on scores and to try it by myself.

After playing the game for dozens of hour I can tell you that this is a great RPG game that can stand proudly with other great games such as Gothic 3, Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion, etc.

The game has lots of great features such as:
- Great graphics with good shadows, all flashy.
- Good sound, with great environment sound effect.
- The voices may not be so great but is seems that everyone talks and this is great, good job on that.
- A variety of weaponry with a lot of upgrades.
- Different kinds of magic which is simple to use.
- You can walk, jump, ride a horse (very useful).
- Huge world environment !!!
- A lot of missions and side missions.
- A lot of creatures, the world looks lively.
- The fighting system is just plain fun and sometimes you get to fight hordes of groms, orcs and creature which is one of the greatest things in this game.
- The menu system is catchy and easy to use.

I recommend this game to all of you who likes RPG game,
with great action and hack and slash.

Play it.