Solid financial simulator

User Rating: 8 | Two Point Hospital PC

TPH kind of hits a sweet spot. It isn't revolutionary, nor is it all that deep, but it's functional and involved enough that you can get addicted to it. Creating a functional, successful hospital involves kind of a learning curve, but once I got a good of it, I started having a blast. There's some issues with its oversimplicity, however. For example, there's some tips-and-tricks you need to know to 'cheese' the way to three-stars with some of the missions. As said previously, the game is far from perfect.

I still, however, kept finding myself coming back for more. And that in itself is a success with regards to a Tycoon game for me personally. Hard not to recommend this one if you need to scratch that 'tycoon-game' itch, and don't mind a bit of simplicity in its presentation (or even prefer it that way)