From the creators, this falls nothing from a good collection.

User Rating: 10 | Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted Edition PS2
I always loved Twisted Metal, favorite one is Twisted Metal 2. If you don't have the PSP TM Head On, I highly recommend you get this! The graphics have taken a noticeable upgrade, making this all-around superior. As for the Lost-Levels, its really cool seeing what might've Twisted Metal Black 2. The levels are wonderfully thought out, showing nothing but the work of true geniuses. The commentary is very interesting too, I agree with the creators when they said that Twisted Metal 3 and 4 are not real Twisted Metals. Like them-I also feel like in order to make a good game of Twisted Metal or any game for that matter. You have to stay true to the spirit of the material and understand story's true nature.

Twisted Metal Head On is the main part of this little bundle. Its basically like Twisted Metal 2, Paris looks very similar to Twisted Metal 2's. The Eiffel Tower is still destroyable, but this time around it peels like a bannana instead of falling over. L.A. also looks like TM 2's as well Tokyo looking like Hong Kong. The gameplay is very enjoyable, and unlike TM2 you have better control over cars so you won't be crashing into walls anymore. Chronically, the game is supposed to be based on events after part 2-making this the real Twisted Metal 3. All of Twisted Metal's favorite cast has been remade, you will see characters like Sweet Tooth, Shadow, Mr. Grim, Mr. Slam, Crimson Fury, Hammerhead, Dark Tooth makes a comeback, Grasshopper etc.

This is for the die-hard fans of the Twisted Metal series, even though I already have Twisted Metal head On for PSP, I still bought this! Its just that damn good! I give this Twisted Metal compilation 10 out of 10, its good to see the creators are still at work for what made them successful.