TMB is a game that every PS2 owner should have, my favorite character is Mr. Grimm

User Rating: 9 | Twisted Metal: Black PS2

Twisted Metal Black is an awesome game that is one of my favorites on the PS2. It's a great game to play either with or against friends. Try finding out the codes for the game and how you can find the missing characters so you can unlock Minion after beating the game with every character. Using the codes can help make the game a lot more easier, one hit kills helps the you beat the game faster invulnerability helps making the game easier to beat as well. But those kind of codes ruin some of the fun in the game, so what I do is type in the god mode code and then the invulnerability code which makes you vulnerable again but you still have unlimited ammo and turbo which makes the game more easy and fun with the unlimited ammo and turbo but not too easy because you can still get hurt and need to shoot characters with more than one shot to kill them. Mr. Grimm is the best character in the game