The best car combat game ever made!

User Rating: 9 | Twisted Metal: Black PS2
"Twisted Metal Black" is easily the best installment of the series. This is a great car combat game. It is also has a great horror movie-like setting. It's dark, rainy and violent. The characters are now painted as crazy psychos with over-the-top spooky appearances. This is basically the stuff of nightmares for some. During the end credits, the Rolling Stones' classic "Paint it Black" blares out as truly disturbing images unfold in the background (which depict the characters' dark histories).

As for the game itself, it's basically "Twisted Metal" as usual, though refined to the point of perfection. Graphics are sharp, framerate is smooth and the animation is fluid. Special-effects such as fiery explosions and sparks are dazzling. Control-wise, this game is easily accessible. Unlockables include arenas, cutscenes and vehicles. Split-screen mode offers cooperative and competition play. Enviroments are destructible and expansive. Also, the soundtrack is loud, cinematic and awesome.

If you love car combat games, then "Twisted Metal Black" should appeal to you since it basically takes home the cake for perhaps the best one ever made. If you love the series, then this one should play out as the best installment yet for you. Overall, it's a great game. Grade: A