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User Rating: 9 | Twisted Metal: Black PS2
-Excellent controls, with practice it's easy to start doing donuts and obliterate other vehicles.
-While not quite up to par with Gran Turismo or Driver, the physics aren't bad at all.
-3 dimensional menus are strikingly well done.
-Takes the Rolling Stones song to a whole new level and it easily gets stuck in your head.
-Dark, dark storylines that aren't long and complicated, but still break up the gameplay and make it exciting to see what happens next and just how messed up things can get for each character. Some genuinely creepy and awesome characters, I like it.
-Absolutely superb map design. Each map unfolds as the battle progresses, it's very stylish and adds a lot to the overall excitement of playing.
-Vehicles are very distinct and have their own specials, each one offers a slightly different way to play the game.
-Music picks up during the game when it needs to and heightens the tension.
-A pretty solid multiplayer experience.

-After you've figured out how to play and where to get good items the gameplay is fairly mind-numbing and easy.
-Some of the battles just drag on forever and it's a little boring when you know you're just going to win eventually. I suppose there should've been some kind of difficulty calibration for more experienced players.
-I really wish there were more maps. Could've easily been a 10 game if there were more.
-Some of the music just isn't very memorable.