2-player split screen online and 4 player splitscreen offline! Custom your own sound track with your personall music!

User Rating: 10 | Twisted Metal PS3
My son and I love that you can change the paint,skins,drivers and side arm weapons now! Controls are overwhelming but there is an awesome training mode to master each vehicle. Game is very difficult but me and my 7 year old son beat it on twisted. Awesome graphics allow most of the environments to be destroyed or altered while running over opponents driver,gunner or pedestrians. You can signal your teamates with headlights now. The more you play the more you can unlock including kill streaks! Enjoy! Sincerely sane_clown and sane_clown_son, see you online! There is 17 vehicles but only 3 stories. Modes include death match,team death match,hunted,team hunted,nuke,endurance and story. This game feels like an 11 for me and my son. I love how games like this can bring 2 people together for pricless memories. I'm willing to donate to kickstart dlc for this twisted metal title just to bring more smiles to this world.