Not faithful to the franchise. This game takes a very different path for single player and delivers a meh multiplayer.

User Rating: 5 | Twisted Metal PS3
While browsing my local game store I decided to pick up a copy of this game having find memories of the older twisted metal franchise games that I own. This game however deviates too far from the arena based mayhem that the old games brought.

The biggest and worse part of this game the enemies don't shoot each other, that's right for some reason all the psycopaths are allied against you.... always. Instead to deliver game play you are given silly hoops to jump through. The missions get more and more ridiculous and repetitive as you go on. The single player doesn't play like twisted metal predecessors. I really did not enjoy it, it was frustrating constantly having the entire arena gunning for you. Luckily the A.I. is atrocious so you can be successful without to much effort.

The dev's also made the rookie mistake of not adding your velocity to projectiles things like the ricochet you run over shortly after you fire it. The combat feels like it has too many lock on skills this time around. Also the button combo's were removed but that is forgivable. Removing the environment weapon power up also seems like a mistake to me, the lightning and other crazy things in the old games were fun.

Vehicle movement is extremely arcadey, you don't even have to be moving and you can spin around like a turret. You can actually win entire levels without moving just sit in place and spin with machine guns, the a.i. is too stupid to stop you.

Vehicles are not specific to your driver and many drivers are missing from the game. You only see the preselected stories the devs wanted you to see unlike in the old games where you saw the stories of whoever you chose to play.

It's a decent distraction that when you are done with it the first time it's unlikely you will pick up again. I would not recommend this game to fans of the previous games. It's too far of the mark for me to really consider it in the twisted metal franchise. This game is another case of the developer not understanding what made the previous games so enjoyable.