Best Twisted Metal Ever but not more dark then TM BLACK BUT its brutal trophy there is no game hard like this

User Rating: 9 | Twisted Metal PS3
Am big fan of twisted metal since the first one in 1996
and in 1997 TM 2 was the best TM for long time.
and now in psn one of the best psone download is TM2
the thing that TM2 was big succes, its the game play.
the gameplay is the secret that TM2 has very good levels and fun and characters.
3,4,small browl. was funny but not fun.
black has amazing dark side style like batman arkham city.
so this TM has amazing amazing story, and the gameplay is good.
the controls is fine you can play with classic TM control or new style.
only 3 characters you will play this time but diffrent levels and boss but each ending is funny and you cant imagine how much cool is
the trophy in the game is brutal its like 99.9% imposible to get platinum if you are trophy hunter, well you will serunder with this game i have alot platinum trophy but i cant get more then 15 of 40.
online game is alot of fun... and new style race and nuke mode and more.
well for long time more then 10 years that there no car combt game like old time, vigilante 8 and TM
its was only history, so for me this TM some kind of remake of old style game like super star dust and other games, so am happy for this game i recomend it for all