Starhawk Sweet tooth skin

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Hello all! I ran into a problem; did not know if you pre-order Twisted Metal, you receive the skin. I have been a huge fan of the series since I played Warhawk day one nearly 5 years ago. Now that I have Starhawk, I want to collect it all again. This skin is the last thing I am missing so I plead, could someone give me their skin code please? Heck, I would give you a few dollars even via Paypal if it enters ok into the system. Let me know what you guys can do! Thanks! :)
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I don't have a code to offer, but I can direct you to GameFAQs' Twisted Metal board which is far more active, where you'd likely have better luck finding someone who'd be willing to let you have their code. You can sign in under the exact same account as you have here on GameSpot, and also view topics made on GameFAQs here on GameSpot, but are just read-only on this domain.

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I will give you the code if you want it