Fun to play every now and then as a multiplayer.

User Rating: 7 | TV Show King WII
The game is more like jeopardy than anything else. The questions seem to be quite easy, though it's more about getting the answer first than right. The person who gets the answer first gets all the points. For instance if the question is 2000. The second person gets 1500, 3rd 1000, ect.
On the small chance you don't know the answer you can go with the popular choise as a guess and still get some points.

The computer seems to be quite dumb. For instance a typical question is where is the statute of liberty. A. USA B. Paris C.Japan D. Germany. At least one computer player will pick the wrong answer, sometimes 2 will.

The music and host are quite annoying but you can skip through most all of the annoying cut scenes.

The graphics are not really an issue as it is a TV gameshow game, though they are not horrible.

Overall it's the type of game you can play a couple times when you are bored every now and then. More often if you have a spouse of someone else in the house hold to play with.