Getting your moneys worth with TV Show King.

User Rating: 7 | TV Show King WII
There are several good things about TV Show King. The first thing is the price. It's truly worth the $10 you will spend on it through WiiWare. I have purchased several of the WiiWare games and this is by far my favorite one. There are a ton of questions that go along with the game ranging from sports to geography to math.

The game is best played with a group of 4 friends. Its good because it allows each player to answer the question, with the first person buzzing in getting the most points. Even the single player mode is fun. You get to try and answer as many questions in a row right as you can.

The games atmosphere is great. It takes place on a TV Show set, with a host named Jerry, and his lovely blonde assistant. The questions have all different difficulty levels which is great if you feel like challenging yourself a little.

The one bad part of the game, but can also be great depending on how you look at it is the wheel you can spin after each round. I call it the death wheel because you could answer every question right and still loose all your money. The wheel is the great equalizer in the game. I do like the wheel because it seems to add some extra strategy to the game, even though the wheel always some how screws me.

All in all, If you like trivia and have a few friends around, I recommend buying this game, because it is a great value.