Buzz wannabe...

User Rating: 6.5 | TV Show King WII
When the Buzz games came out they were a storm. And all of a sudden loads of other game companies start making game show games. Co-incidental, huh?

TV Show King...
Looked dismal.

Compared to Buzz, it looked really bad. Poorer graphics, sillier questions, bad voicing, etc.

But is it all that bad?

The simple answer is... no. It isn't.
It's surprisingly addicting and you're not really concentrating on the graphics too much whilst you're playing. There's a few modes but they all revolve around the Game Show. The host, Jerry, is annoying but at least he's not voiced by Jason Donovan. grrr...

Anyway, the show itself... it's round based, as you'd expect, but with a twist. On some rounds you 'chisel' away the answers with your Wii remote, and another your Wiimote acts as a flashlight or torch to see the answers. When you first encounter these rounds, they're fun and different, but afterwards just become annoying.

Oh, did I forget to mention something? There's a Wheel of Fortune! Yes! By spinning, you can double, halve, add to or take away from your earned cash. You can also bankrupt yourself, and I have a tendancy to do just that :(

There are bonuses, but these are gimmicky and don't really affect the winnings much at all.

And, of course, there's a final round, which is head to head. The CPUs are pitifully easy, but maybe you should be on guard against a friend.

The final round isn't very impressive. It's not bad, it's just not good. Infact, after playing it a few times, the whole game feels like that. But you don't really mind, considering the game costs just £7. About a third of the price of Buzz.

Now i would have given this game a higher score, but just yesterday i played on the new Buzz Game, priced at £20. And it's much, much better than this, albeit at a much higher price. Damn it, Donovan, you've done it again...