Dont bother, poorly constructed and way too easy for anyone over 12.

User Rating: 1 | TV Show King PS3
Dont bother getting this game. I got it so I could play an entertaining quiz game with friends when they came over. It is terrible. Its way to easy for anyone over 10 and I was even playing on genius! I am NOT a genius. It is poorly constructed and fun for about 10 minutes. The worst thing about the entire process is the fact you cant restart a game once you lose. Its so tedious to go thru the entire start up process after you are finished with the game. I want to continue playing right away, but NOOOO, that would be too easy, you have to reload the characters and what version of the game you'd like to play. If you can get the game for 2 dollars, its still might be too much. If you are under 10 then this may be a fun game for you. THe questions are pretty easy for young childeren. But again the game is not fun for playing quickly. If you lose, like I said, you have to reload everything. I want to get right back into playing after I lose, this game does not allow that. Go for something more, I wish I could tell you, because I am still looking for that good quiz game to play with friends.