Great dinosaur game pretty fun and worth playing.

User Rating: 7.5 | Turok (Steelbook Edition) PS3
Turok was a really good game but I just think that it was too short and too easy it gave a challenge very rarley during the game.I liked the main character in the game.Also I thought the gameplay was okay but it could have been a lot better.The graphix was pretty good in Turok.I thought that the Boss fight was a really good one to end the game.Also gave you a good challenge to beat the game.The only problem I found about the boss fights was that most of them came in the end which I thought was wrong because it is better to spread it around the only boss fight in the beginning of the game was when you fight ocean creature but I forgot what the creature was called.Overall I think that Turok was a good game , they could have made it a lot better but for a dinosaur game I thought it was great because the last great dinosaur that they came out with before this was Dino Crysis one and two.