There is a good game in Turok, buried underneath the obvious faults as soon as you begin the game.

User Rating: 6 | Turok X360
Turok...oh Turok how you made me anticipate your arrival and smash my heart and feelings with your ugly set of hands as soon as you walked through my door.

Upon entering the game into my 360 for the first time, I was getting a glimpse of the game on the back of the case. Yeah, it looked appealing. Yeah, it looked like it could have been the ultimate Turok of all Turok's but as soon as the game loaded and the campaign was underway, doubt quickly filled my veins. Joseph Turok had one of the most unfortunate and disastrous homecomings yet, dealing with highly annoying dinosaurs that attacked you with every twenty feet you take. Besides the overwhelming dinosaur attacks, the gun play was fairly decent aside from the fact that it typically took two clips or more to take down an averaged-sized dinosaur. Throughout the campaign (which in fact seemed like it never ends) you encounter ruthless dinosaurs, humans and creatures that had to been from fairy-tale novels all within this beautifully rendered planet. Through turns, trenches and atop trees, you will be traversing everywhere to get to your next objective and let me tell you, as linear as the campaign is, it's also a nuisance. If you're not fond with first-person shooters, Turok is definitely not the way to begin your FPS career.

The multiplayer however adds a pretty decent fun-factor a game that quickly ages. You can play dinosaur vs. human team and or lonesome based objective games but with about 6 to 8 hours into it, you've been there and done that and it just falls too flat..too quick.

Graphics: 8
Sounds: 6.5
Combat system: 6
Replay value: 6

Overall: 6

It is a pretty decent game with the looks, but the feel makes you not want to feel it, simply put.