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User Rating: 6.5 | Turok X360
Graphics: Although they were not the best graphics I've ever seen they were still very beautiful to look at. It seemed that the game designers concentrated more on the characters than on the background, a fatal flaw for most games, but I found that I did not mind as the gameplay was extremely intense. The backgrounds of the game, while extremely visually appealing, are very similar in nature. As you progress through the game you will only come across green, brown, yellow, yellowish-brownish-green, gray, blue, and grayish blue. Each background area is beautiful, but they are all essentialy the same. Now we reach the dinosaurs, the true stars of this game. Each dinosaur was created with such painstaking detail that it almost hurts me when I realize that I must kill them. Something that I really liked was the appearance of blood on the dinos. The more you shoot them, the more blood paints their skin.
Graphics Overview: The dinos are amazingly done, the humans were well done but could have been better, and the backgrounds are very beautiful but repetitive. 4/5

Sound: In the jungle you can't always see what's stalking you, so you have to open your ears and listen lest you find yourself pinned to the ground with fanged jaws closing