Turok has plenty of white-knuckled action, but not much beyond that...

User Rating: 6 | Turok X360

The Turok series has had ups and downs. Okay, mostly down. But, the newest title in the series is one of the few ups, but its still got some problems. Turok has plenty of white-knuckled action, but not much beyond that.

STORY - You play as John Turok, a space marine who's prepping to take down his former mentor, Kane. But, just as you're about to touch down near Kane's base, your ship is hit and you crash land in the middle of a dino-infested jungle. And, if dealing with T-Rexes and Raptors isn't enough Kane's guys have tracked you down also. The game has a good revenge story, but where the plot fails is in explaining why there's a planet with dinosaurs on it. Also, all of the space marines are your regular old cliche bada** action heroes, but perhaps that's fitting.

GAMEPLAY - The gameplay in Turok is made up of nothing else besides running and gunning. But, surprisingly it takes a while for that whole formula to get old. You have tons of weapons, most of which you can dual wield, and the ever-entertaining knife kills. When you have your knife out and sneak up to an enemy, you can, if timed right, cut to a small animation that takes you out to a third-person perspective that shows you brutally stabbing a dino or human.

The singleplayer spans across 14 missions, and there's really nothing new thrown in (besides a new weapon or two) between each level. You'll mostly just be blasting your way through the entire campaign, but there's an occasional huge battle sequence between a squad of allies and dozens of enemies, stealth segments, and boss fights, but these don't come often enough. The singleplayer is fun overall just because of how entertaining the action is in general, but would've been much better with more game mechanics besides just running and gunning.

The multiplayer is quite good. There are tons of modes, from Deathmatch, to more objective-based modes such as a mode that is very similar to Battlefield's conquest mode. There's even a good co-op component that features new levels that you can't play in the campaign. The multiplayer does occasionally lag, but other than the multiplayer is awesome.

GRAPHICS - Turok looks pretty good. The textures are great, and the game doesn't rely a whole lot on bump mapping and normal mapping (which most games do nowadays) and the game features tons of environments from high-tech military bases, to the jungle, to caves. But, on the negative side of things, the physics and lighting aren't too good.

SOUND - Turok has good sound effects, and voice-overs, that, while questionable in quality, definitely fit the characters and mood of the game. The music isn't very good, and some sound effects sound a little bit muffled, but other than that the sound department does its job.

VALUE - The campaign in Turok is surprisingly long, about 10-12 hours, and the multiplayer is sure to hold your interest for quite a while to come (assuming you can find games.)

TILT - Turok is a pretty awesome action game, and can last you a while, but the production values are pretty average, and there's just not enough to the game's gameplay other than just blasting enemies. But, that being said, Turok is still the first great shooter of the new year, so if you're looking for a reason to take Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3 out of your 360, Turok is the way to go.