Kiling Dino's Is Never Been Funner

User Rating: 8.5 | Turok X360
So, I'll get straight to the point as usual. I'll start with the good, then move on to the bad. Good points. The dinosaurs you face off come in several sizes and breeds. And all are scary in their own right and very quick. Many times you'll only hear them, the sounds of ferns and plants being pushed aside. And then they strike. I enjoyed killing them with my knife to see the fun kill animations. Killing them with the knife is probably one of the most charming things of the game. The bow, of course, a Turok classic, is a blast and its amusing to see your enemies pinned to the wall from a well placed shot. The sound in the game is great. Gunfire, hearing creatures moving on either side of you. Music sets the mood, etc. The weapons are fine, though not as many as one could wish for. The story mode is okay, story could be better, but I won't complain. The areas you pass through go from anywhere from a lush jungle to a concrete base all the way to underground caverns with goo everywhere. The bad. The graphics are sometimes shady in some areas, and other times the grass in the ground is painfully aware of its placement. Meaning, you can almost see where those grids would align. The story mood is painfully short, I beat the game in around five hours. And when the fighting gets really fast paced, you'll find yourself being bum rushed by hordes of bugs or dinos and there's barely anything you can really do to stop them. Some other irks I found is when you constantly pushed over and over by a bigger dino and you don't have time to move or fire, etc. *Spoiler here----like for example, when fighting the last trex boss, he shoved be into a corner over and over..and then he ate me. really annoyed me---spoiler end* Though in the end, I enjoyed the game very much. If your a fan of the series, you'll love it. Like to kill dinos, you'll love it. Other then that, rent it or buy a used copy when they start showing up. enjoy