Definitely a step-up from the first 3.

User Rating: 9 | Turok (Steelbook Edition) PS3
This game is definitely a step-up from the first 3 where your enemies are not only dinosaurs, but soldiers and other strange creatures that inhabit harm to the main character Joseph Turok and there are different areas to explore which is good. The traditional hunting knife and bow prove to be useful weapons for the purpose of performing stealth kills on your enemies and the enemies are hard to kill which came as a bit of surprise. It has been 3 or more years since I have played a first-person shooter and I must admit that I am impressed by the audio, graphics, and gameplay for this game. The entire layout of the game is just amazing and the vast area of where you can hunt your enemies is the best part among many others. If you enjoy the first 3 Turok's for the N64, PS2, and X-Box, then you must get this game, enough said!