one of the best storylines i've playen

User Rating: 8.5 | Turok (Steelbook Edition) PS3
ok ill first start off as yeah the demo sucked *** but i was willing to take a chance and just get the game and it was worth it the bow and the knive are amzing endless fun one thing that i have yet to try is the online play of the game im to wraped up with the story mode. something i really like about the game is that you could die at any moment theres so many enemys like the dinosars and the humans. its a fast pace game and my type of gaming is up front and personal this game couldn't get much butter the reason why i only gave it an 8.5 is because i haven't playen the full game and i didn't play the online. to me online makes the game playable after you beat the story mode otherwise you put the game away and never take it out. games like call of duty 4 not game is amazing when it comes to online!! hopefully turok will do just the same