Worth playing

User Rating: 8.5 | Turok X360
Overall the game isn't bad. The graphics are very good when you are looking around the jungle but some clunky looking cut scenes when you execute people. The interaction with the environment is a little PS2 where I think they could have done a little more work on opening up the world for a little more interaction. Your path is pretty much mapped out for you and no way to get lost. For those of us who played the first Turok I could remember getting lost a few times....maybe it is a little frustrating but adds to the sense of being stranded with dinasaurs If you like FPS games then I would gives the thumbs up to play it.
The multi player is surprisingly fun and this comes from someone who only plays COD4 and GRAW2 online. I have noticed that knifing people can be very similar to the chainsaw in GOW before they fixed it. It is not even close to where a 360 game should be relative to frame rate, smoothness and graphics but beings I am a fan of the genre I guess I am partial.
I would tell you to wait a few weeks and go to your nearest gamecrazy or gamespot and pick it up used.... or rent it. Either way you will have some fun