Turok is a great game, the game is just down right hard but lets see what i reviewwith some problems lets break it down.

User Rating: 8.5 | Turok X360

Game play: the game play for the most part is great, with all the great knife cut secnes when u kills a wolf pack member to a dinosaur, Some of the weapons are good, which each weapon has a second kind of fire like for shotguns can shoot a flare to lure dinosaurs to your enemeys or give you time to escape.

Weapons (Some): There arent as many awesome weapons as we had hoped but there are the nice touches to some of the weapons but some standards for example " the SMG which you are stuck with to long of the game, shotgun, pistol and knife) now the knife is ussually the worst weapon in every game, but have turned it into the most used weapon, to attack enemeys with great cutsecnes almost diffrent every time, and dinosaurs which change varying to your position when you are attacking, but can get repetitive.

Levels: The levels are outstanding though being in the jungle most of the game takes out some of the fun, the developers said "there are so many paths to the levels in the game you can get lost" as for the game your fellow soilders will lead the way or just click the left analog stick to find out were to go, but there is some times where u can get lost. Some times for a breather they make you go into a wolfpack base or break into a venalation shaft or somthing cleashea as such, which makes it still fun.

Multiplayer:The greatest feature to Turok is its multiplayer frankly i would imagine more people buying the game but not that many are on but there are people that play so u can play with other people several maps, diffrent types of game play nice attacks and weapons, this is why you should buy turok.

Graphics: The graphics for the game are great in standard def but in HD they can look a bit crappy your head more looks of a clyndar square type then a nice round head. The Graphics are needed to make this game what it is and pulled off, great visuals and stunning blood, and effects in general, and when you are stalking a prey or person for a knife kill they cant notice you which is a great touch if you are following them in the beautiful jungle texture.


Repeitive Cutsences: they do get some what annoying as for the RT prompt for when u knife kill someone in the back and for you only do 3 diffrent attacks on dinosaurs and maybe 5 on enemies but they get old FAST, as for when they are attacked by dinosaurs which makes it realistic i cant help but chuckle a little.

Weapons (other some): The aiming for the gun i have to say besides the pulse rifle and sniper and horrible, it is very frustrating even on multiplayer it is very hard to kill people with guns.

I cunclude my review as for i give it a 8.5/10 A must buy if you are a fan of FPS