Turok: Punishingly hard enemies, PS2 quality graphics, and a bland, umotivated story. Don't believe the 8.0 and 9.0s.

User Rating: 3 | Turok (Steelbook Edition) PS3
STORY: You are Turok. Your ship crashed on a dinosaur island. You need to get to your ship and look for survivors. Feeling tense yet?

GRAPHICS: A small notch above PS2 quality. The dinosaurs are really the only things that look decent. Everything else is unpolished and low-res.

GAMEPLAY: Linear point and shoot gameplay. Enemies are very strong and do alot of damage. There are no exciting moments. I literally played for 30 minutes and I was so bored and frustrated.

AUDIO/SOUNDTRACK: The voiceacting is less than average. Lines sound cheesy and embarassing. I guess you can appreciate the somewhat spooky ambience in the jungles, though.

ONLINE: There is online, but it's nothing special. No upgrading guns or leveling up. No vehicles. Just a standard deathmatch with maps that are way too large for the tiny 6 vs 6 battles the game supports. Getting into a match alone takes some time, and once you're in, you will be very lucky if you come across one player.

VALUE: Don't buy this game


Pros: The dinosaurs look cool
Cons: Hard enemies, uninteresting story, bland graphics, bad voiceacting, online is dead, weapons are generic